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Product size: 75 ml
Type: Eau de Toilette
Fragrance: Unisex
Main accords: Citrus, Aromatic, Floral, Woody, Spicy, fresh, Green,
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A flash of light, the dance of the wind, small movements of water. Sometimes, they are the sensations, imperceptible to encase the memories and emotions as well. Blue The mediterranean sea is a line of seven fragrances that evoke the energy, the sun and the colors of the Italian Mediterranean. Stages the ideals of a sensory experience set in a natural setting without equal, harmonious meeting place between myth, art and culture.


Recall the gentle breath of the sea breeze, full of the aromas of plants and shrubs wild, or the splash of light of waves. Each fragrance expresses the unique soul of a place and is focused on a different ingredient emblematic, the symbol of a of the most secluded and exclusive resorts of the Mediterranean. The glass of the iconic bottle Art-Deco-tinged deep blue, to recall in a game of reflexes the transparency of the sea.


For centuries, the Mediterranean is a crossroads of landscapes and plant varieties, nations and cultures, languages and customs, artistic expressions, and legends. But, beyond the fascination of the myth – which tell of the fascinating nymphs and sirens haunting, captains courageous and poets ready to celebrate the deeds of ancient of the and enterprising travellers, such as Odysseus – the poignant beauty of the The mediterranean is real, intense, tangible. It enchants the mind.



The land of Calabria is strong and intense. Only here is genuine bergamot found in the its natural habitat, surrounded by a majestic nature and wild scents enveloping and irresistible. As this intoxicating fragrance that transports the senses to one of the most picturesque destinations of the Mediterranean.


Eau de Toilette

The fragrance reveals itself with sparkling notes of true bergamot DOP, enhanced from the freshness of cedar. Accents fruity and flowery appear in the heart, together at the red ginger and cedarwood. Unheard of in the fund, the combination of vetiver, benzoin and musk.


Data sheet

Size 75 ml
Fragrance Unisex
Type Eau de Toilette
Main Accords Spicy fresh, Aromatic, Green, Citrus, Woody, Floral
Line Blue Medit. Bergamot of Calabria
Top notes Bergamot, Cedar
Middle notes Ginger, Flowers, Cedar
Base notes Benzoin, Vetiver, Moss Animal
Year of creation 2010