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Product size: 100 ml
Type: Eau de Parfum
Fragrance: Unisex
Main accords: Citrus, Aromatic, Floral, Woody, Musky,
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The fastest route to the Hamptons is via helicopter... And a breath of the last fragrance by Bond No. 9, which assures immediate transport in the neighbourhood, far away New York.

You want to know why the inhabitants of New York are headed out of town to the Hamptons all the summers (and springs and autumns)?

Certainly the gardens, the narrow streets of the countryside and white sand are a vision fantastic.

But the real lure of the Hamptons is the smell - the refreshing and intoxicating fragrance of salt water that meets the green, the countryside, the fields of potatoes. It is a perfume wellness, fresh and clean, time-out, which creates a dependency of a precious the cusp of the earth directly facing the atlantic ocean.

You can always go with the South Fork of the helicopter, with the shuttle bus, with a SUV or the LIRR (Long Island Rail Road), but we have just bottled this district of New York in the new eau de parfum New York-centric Bond No. 9, The Hamptons, so now you can trasporare there in no time.

Yes, we said a district of New York in the previous sentence.

And yes, we are aware of the fact that the Hamptons is a two hour drive from Manhattan, maybe even four if you find a traffic jam on Route 27. But don't let the distance deceive you. At Bond No. 9 are not looking to expand/escape/relocate/divert mapping olfactory non-stop of the most famous or infamous New York. On the contrary, we are simply recognising the reality, and that is that the Hamptons was annexed to the city of New York many years ago. And' the outpost further away, so the territory in the foreign legion as Soho or the Upper East Side, and more so in certain spring and summer weekends.

Regarding the fragrance: Hamptons by Bond No. 9 is definitely a fragrance unisex for the weekend, designed for a long service life.

The top notes are green fresh and aromatic: buds, flowers, lime, olive oil of bagarrade (from the flower of the bitter orange tree), bergamot, lemon-lime, oil of artemisia stimulating and rebalancing, with nuances of cedar and sage. The middle notes are luxuriously: magnolia and white jasmine, Turkish rose.

And then come the base notes: amber, sandalwood, musk, cashmere remains as the mist creamy that descends to the sea from sunset to sunrise.

For the original bottle of the Hamptons, Bond No. 9 has colored his bottle of stella a deep but transparent ocean blue, and he closed with a white hat nautical. So fresh (it is summer) and a marine to be perfect for all year round.


Data sheet

Size 100 ml
Fragrance Unisex
Type Eau de Parfum
Main Accords Floral, Woody, Citrus, Aromatic, Musky
Line The Hamptons
Top notes Flower of Lime tree, Cedar, Lemon, Sage, Bergamot
Middle notes Magnolia, Jasmine, Turkish Rose
Base notes Sandal, Moss Animal, Amber
Nose Rene Morgenthaler
Year of creation 2005