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Product size: 50 ml
Type: Eau de Parfum
Fragrance: Unisex
Main accords: Aromatic Coffee, Spicy, hot, Spicy, fresh, Vanilla,
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The scent du jour of the Club of cabaret and jazz at the Bond No. 9 takes the is Northbound.

A train in the bottle. Bond No. 9 is proud to present New Haarlem, which is the last scent of a series of innovative fragrances new york-centric.

After you have made the history of the fragrance by launching 16 eau de parfum inspired by the downtown, midtown and uptown at the beginning of this year (Chelsea Flowers... Broadway Nite... Eau de Noho), have now passed the great divide to the north of Central Park and shed light on the hottest place in town: Haarlem, the muse of their new, the most timely, most androgynous scent; for men and for those women who specialize in daring chic.

What better place than Harlem, legendary for its verve to the limit, to embroider on their infused lush, long-lasting, intoxicating bergamot, cedar wood,and coffee, vanilla, patchouli, and lavender? If George Gershwin had been a perfumer, these are the notes that would have used this perfume-the rhapsody, it can be used.

A smell amazing, like a shot of sun on his face, inspired by fragrances in the past decade, New Haarlem captures the elegance out of the city, and the proud, the bold independence of one of the most strong of New York, and of the world.

It is also the version entrenous of Bond No. 9 to think of musicians and rap artists rock that have come down to downtown to buy the fragrances of the original Bond No. 9.

With New Haarlem, Bond No. 9 returns the favor. New Haarlem is a tribute to both to the prosperous metropolitan city's Upper-Upper West, which is taking shape in the 21st century, both in the elegant district of tasks and files, elegant of homes.

This was the scenario of the festivities to the fashion and art of the Harlem Renaissance between 1920 and 1930, when various places legendary as the concert halls, Art Deco, Small's Paradise, the Apollo Theater, the Cottom Club and the Lenox Lounge made their appearance and nurtured the talent of artists such as Duke Ellington, Charlie Parker, and Billie Holiday, who changed the world of music.

Jam-packed with content that is richly intricate, a New Harlem is best defined as a scent-bridge directed towards a precise direction, for all ages, and all the species of sex. This is the first of the fragrances from "boutique" to create a direct attraction for each ethnic group that makes New York its home.


Data sheet

Size 50 ml
Fragrance Unisex
Type Eau de Parfum
Main Accords Spicy hot, Vanilla, Coffee, Aromatic, Spicy fresh
Line New Haarlem
Top notes Lavender, Green Leaves, Bergamot
Middle notes Cedar, Coffee
Base notes Vanilla, Patchouli, Amber, Tonka Bean
Nose Maurice Roucel
Year of creation 2003